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Post  Admin Sun Mar 08, 2009 7:08 pm

I look at the Martial Arts as a form of amateur cultural anthropology. The subjects in my personal library reflect the diversity of my earlier training. I first studied what was called "Shaolin" but was really a street-wise blend of Kempo amd wushu. It was OK but I thought the name was kind of deceptive and it wasn't really what I was looking for. Also they had us say a little generic prayer at the beginning of class, and I really wasn't into that. Nevertheless, I trained there long enough to internalize a broad base of techniques and self-defense skills, including some Wingchun and a bit of a style I've never seen since called "Drunken Mantis".
At around the same time, in the back of a shelf at an obscure little store, I came across a manual from the little known style WuXing BaFa. Young though I was, I realized the value this un-polluted style could have for my personal training. With the "Shaolin" as a base from which to build, I taught myself this profound, self-contained system. It has been the most consistent feature of my daily regimen ever since. You won't be learning that for a long time though. It's an old style, and as such is based on learning techniques, rather than the more modern system of internalizing principles. In other words, learn how to fight first and save the complicated stuff for later.
First we will focus on the practical system known as Krav Maga. Once competency in basic self defense has been attained we will move on to other principle based styles like Wing Chun and Hapkido. Later more advanced training will involve Shaolin and the internal styles.
Now its your turn, introduce yourself...

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