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What is this about?

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What is this about? Empty What is this about?

Post  Admin Sun Feb 01, 2009 2:31 pm

I'm a martial art researcher with over twenty years of experience. I lament the bastardization of martial instruction that has occured due to the neccesity of making money to keep a school open. My goals in this project are three-fold.
1. If students are paying tuition, it becomes neccesary to water down the instruction so that they don't quit. It is also neccesary to accept anyone who has the money or face a discrimination lawsuit. My first goal is to avoid becoming a glorified baby-sitter by giving the training away for free to those who are deserving of it. And who could be more deserving of it than secular progressives? The training will be tough and at times boring, but it will be effective.
2. My second goal is to keep secular progressives and their families alive. The red-necks are going bat-shit. Ever since the election, the inflammatory rhetoric has been heating up and violence against liberals and free-thinkers is on the rise. This is why I have added fire-arm training to what is otherwise a traditional curriculum. I support gun control, but any training that doesn't take guns into account is not being realistic. Let the gun-nuts have their little fantasy about being able to stop the black helicopters with their pea-shooters; but if they pull a gun on me, I'll take it away and shove it somewhere.
3. The third goal is to function as a place where secular progressives can meet and learn without a load of superstitious dogma. Since there aren't very many secular progressives in Northwest Indiana (at least not in my neighborhood) I don't expect to this group to be very large at first, but thats OK because I don't have a lot of room in my basement. Perhaps in the future if this group becomes popular, we can find a better location, but since I'm not charging anything, don't expect "health club" type amenities.

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